Mission Statement

As an organization, we strive to:

  • provide streamlined communication between graduate students and the department,
  • provide academic support for graduate students,
  • engage with the department in social capacities,
  • promote a diverse and equitable environment that encourages respect between all graduate students and faculty

Events We Host:

All of our events are free and open to all!

Coffee Cup

Social Events (ONGOING)

Throughout the quarter, we will host a series of social gatherings including Happy Hours, Trivia Nights, Jeapordy, and a series of other fun events. To stay appraised of upcoming events, check out our events page as well as our discord server.
Town Hall

Town Hall Meetings (PLANNED)

Once a quarter, we will all gather to amplify perspectives and concerns among students in our community, and promote empatyh among our fellow PSTAT graduate students.
Question Marks

Stuff you Missed in Undergrad (PLANNED)

This series of lectures, hosted weekly, is presented by graduate students and is designed to introduce (and possibly re-introduce) our fellow PSTAT graduate students to some concepts that will prove useful in our graduate careers. Topics will range from mathematics, to probability, to programming, and beyond.

Graduate Student Office Hours (PLANNED)

These weekly office hours are designed to be yet another way in which you can interact with your fellow PSTAT grad students. Feel free to stop by to get advice, unofficial course help, or to just chat!

Faculty and Graduate Student Seminars (PLANNED)

Hosted by both members of the PSTAT department and graduate students from a variety of disciplines, this seminar series is designed to forge a stronger bond between students and faculty, as well as provide insight into the world of research in Statistics.